Architecture in Indonesia

posted on : March 5, 2018

architecture in indonesia

The scene in Indonesia is among one of the most vibrant in the world and the architecture throughout the country shows a profound culture with a unique history of styles that have passed throughout the years. Anyone who is on the hunt for a home in Indonesia will quickly realize there are so many architectural styles to choose from and history has had a major influence on home building contractors even today.

Many things have influenced the architecture, including religion but also foreign influence from China, Europe and Arab countries has had a huge influence on architectural style over the decades.  The changes in design can be attributed to those who colonized the cities as well as traders who passed through to sell goods, religious missionaries and even invaders who were in the country. When searching for the perfect place for a family in Indonesia, many buyers as well as renters tend to look at the architecture of the area before making a decision on where to live.



While flooding along the coastline can be an issue at various times of the year, you will also find areas of Indonesia that lay right on an active fault line, which means that there have been numerous earthquakes in Indonesia over the years. This means there has been a demand for earthquake resistant building construction to reduce the risk of devastation from earthquakes as well as tsunamis, flooding and other natural disasters.

Many local building regulations require the building to be up to par with earthquake protection. This is a good thing to know when you are considering making a purchase or renting an apartment or condo in Indonesia. It’s also a good idea to look at homes that are in low earthquake hazard areas.


Architectural Styles Through the Years

Credit: Wikipedia/ Rumah Adat in South Sulawesi

Credit: Wikipedia/ Rumah Adat in South Sulawesi

The earliest architecture in Indonesia was built from wood, and while most older wooden structures have collapsed or ruined over the hundreds of years, many of the modern homes for sale today are designed and built with wood and possess the same style as the older structures. Wooden homes today are commonly built on stilts to prevent flooding and they are built on the islands. They are known as rumah adat and are built in the vernacular styles and are found in hundreds of areas throughout Indonesia, although the number of these homes built has decreased over the last fifty years.

Credit: Wikipedia/Hindu Buddhist Architecture Indonesia

Credit: Wikipedia/Hindu Buddhist Architecture Indonesia

Religion has been a great influence of architecture in Indonesia. Between the 8th and 14th centuries, during the time of the Hindu Buddhist kingdoms in the country, Hindu temples were designed and built. It is believed that there may have been as many as 400-500 of these temples, but today, there are only eight in existence today of those early temples. During the classical era of Indonesia, bricks made from vine sap and palm sugar were used to form the bricks. The style, focused on horizontal lines that are layered in precise structure, can be found in homes as well as new temples across Indonesia today. In many homes, you will not only see a flare of the temple style on the structural design, but you will even find small temples and Buddha statues in the decor inside a great deal of family homes today.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons/ Grand Mosque in Indonesia

Credit: Wikimedia Commons/ Grand Mosque in Indonesia

Islam is a primary religion in various areas of Indonesia including the islands of Sumatra and Java. This means you will find many Islam inspired mosques throughout the country.


Credit: Wikipedia/Contemporary Architecture

Credit: Wikipedia/Contemporary Architecture

As we move into the 21st century, you will find that contemporary architecture has had a profound influence on modern structures including business as well as private homes and apartments. Beginning back in the mid 1970’s and moving forward through today, there has been an influx of foreign investors who have moved in, started new businesses and had architectural design teams work on new styles for buildings that include many windows, skyscrapers and construction that can be found globally, especially in European and western countries.


Finding a Great Home in Indonesia

No matter your preference for architectural style, the best way to find a home that you will love is to work with a licensed Real Estate team that will be able to assist you with finding your long-term rental or new home to purchase. Homes in Indonesia range from affordable family homes to lavish, luxury villas and investment properties. Once you find your ideal home, be sure to take plenty of time to relax and explore the local community around you, and best of all, take time to soak in the beautiful architecture you are sure to see in every direction you travel.



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