5 reasons to find your Bali Yearly Rentals with us

posted on : August 15, 2017

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Bali Treasure Properties is a new kind of real estate company, which is focused on delivering the most relevant, high-quality and available Bali yearly rentals to you. We work with professional with international backgrounds and Indonesian natives to provide you the most knowledge & best experience possible.

Our portfolio includes villa rentals, villa sales and land investment opportunities. Whatever you’re looking for in beautiful Bali, we can find it for you!

Search hundreds of properties fast and efficiently with us. Here are just 5 of the reasons we’re the best in Bali.


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Reason #1: Only the best quality properties

One of the biggest problems with competing rental companies is the lack of transparency and honesty you receive about the potential properties. Online websites or social media groups can have misleading images and descriptions, while the upkeep of the properties can be less than adequate.

Bali Treasure Properties hand-selects the best villas and pieces of land for your investment through a careful process. Once the properties are selected, they are inspected regularly by professionals to ensure they are meet all of our criteria and are properly maintained.

We never choose to advocate for a property unless it is up to our high standards.


Reason #2: Find houses for rent in Bali Indonesia quickly

Finding the best houses for rent in Bali Indonesia requires either a lot of time or the skill of a team like Bali Treasure Properties to do the difficult part for you, fast and efficiently.

Bali Treasure Properties is experienced and dedicated to deliver personalized service directly to each customer, ensuring your effort in searching for the perfect place is minimal. When you have a team like this handling the efforts of searching through hundreds of properties, the process is quite fast.

Just hear what numerous customers have to say about Bali Treasure Properties’ speed:

”Hello, I will like to thank Alex for giving me an amazing treatment. Since the first day we met, he has been very helpful and polite. Thanks to his professionalism I was able to find this beautiful villa in Bali. He made everything very quick and easy.” Eva

”Kadek’s professionalism, organization, market knowledge and efficiency helped us find the right villa for our family in a relatively short time frame. We developed a level of trust in Kadek that helped us move quickly through the process, including negotiation of the contract and through to close.” Jolene and David

”They were really pleasant, professional and swift in their responses; they helped me negotiate conditions of contract and so quickly secured the property I wanted.” Ellie


Reason #3: The best customer service in Bali

Bali Treasure Properties delivers the best customer service of any real estate company in Bali.

What makes us stand out? Because we place so much importance on maintaining long-term relationships with all of our clients, each is taken care of in a very personal and targeted way.

We believe in providing the most honest approach to finding the perfect property for you, even when this means assuring that your own plans are based on realistic concepts and expectations!

• We’re answering your calls, emails and general requests in a timely and fair manor.
• We’re providing services that make your property hunt easier, such as a comfortable private car and driver to transport you to every viewing.
• We will make sure your transition into your new home is as smooth as possible; we will be available for any questions or concerns you have during your first months of moving in and provide a network of contacts for education, health and home maintenance organizations to help you get settled quickly!

No other rental company cares about your comfort and easy adjustment as much as Bali Treasure Properties.


Reason #4: Transparency in the Bali long term rentals real estate market

Other Bali long term rentals real estate companies display outdated photos of properties on their websites or exaggerate the cost of their properties, for better or for worse. This leads to an untrusting relationship between the property company and their customers.

We want to prove there is a different way to do business, a better way, by presenting the most honest and transparent information about each and every potential Bali yearly rentals property.

Our properties are updated regularly and each villa is inspected upfront to ensure you’re getting the most relevant and clear information. We aren’t trying to mislead you because we know that could lead to a loss of your business or an unhappy client in the long-run.

If you’re searching for a rental villa in Seminyak, for example, we only will show you the best rental villas in Seminyak available or will give you a personalized selection based on your criteria.

Trust that we will always place your happiness above all else.


Reason #5: Not just a rental company

If you’re looking to rent a villa in Bali, Bali Treasure Properties should be your go-to source for the best villa rental.

But that’s not all we stand for. Bali Treasure Properties is proud to be one of the leading land investment and villa sales companies in the real estate market of Bali as well!

If you’re like many expatriates or tourists, you may visit Bali and fall in love with it so deeply you will want a piece of that beautiful island for your own. If that’s the case, we have plenty of villas and pieces of land for sale just for you as well.


Bali Treasure Properties – The easiest way to buy or rent in Bali

Whether you’re looking for rentals in Sanur or property in other locations in South Bali, land to build your own villa or you want to buy a villa, Bali Treasure Properties makes the process fast and easy.

Visit us online or inquire by email or phone today to start your search and find the Bali yearly rental of your dreams today. We can’t wait to assist you every step of the way and see you happy with your new home!


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Bali Treasure Properties is a Real Estate Agency based in Bali. Our mission is to provide a new form of personalized, consistent, transparent and honest service for renters, buyers and owners.

Whether you are searching for a villa long term rental or want buy property and looking for villas for sale & land for sale in Bali – we are happy to help. Contact us by mail info@balitreasureproperties.com and follow us on Facebook.


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