Brawa family homes: 5 reasons why life is better in Brawa

posted on : February 12, 2018

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There is no denying that Bali is a dream location. Famed for its stunning landscapes, beautiful beaches and warm, friendly people, it’s no surprise that more and more people are choosing to move their lives and relocate here.

To meet this demand, the island has undergone significant and rapid change in the last decade, resulting in better facilities and infrastructure, improvements in internet access and speed, and the explosion of a whole host of new cafes, bars and restaurants.

For families, Bali offers the perfect lifestyle with beaches, waterparks and playgrounds to keep children active and enjoying the outdoors, while high-quality education is provided at one of the many international schools.

There’s also an increasing number of international hospitals and medical centers offering excellent medical care, so you can rest assured that your family’s health needs will be taken care of. Affordable childcare is available in the form of nannies or baby sitters, giving parents the freedom to enjoy the perks of living on the island, such as yoga, surfing or enjoying the vast selection of excellent bars and restaurants.

One of the most difficult questions for anyone considering a move to Bali is which area to live in. Each area is very different, and families are likely to have specific requirements. Here, we look at five reasons why Brawa family homes have so much to offer. For families, life really is better in Brawa.


Browse our selection of villas in Brawa, and find the perfect home for you and your family today.


1. Brawa residential homes are family friendly

Bali Treasure Properties has a wide selection of Brawa residential homes available that are perfect for families. It is possible to find homes in the area that are both secure and offer various family friendly features. Many homes are open plan in layout, meaning you can always keep one eye on the little mischief makers, whatever you are doing.

If you have young children, you make also like to view homes with interconnected bedrooms. Additionally, lots of properties in the area come with spacious, enclosed rooms and gardens, providing children with a safe area to play and explore.


2. The area is full of amazing amenities

Brawa is part of the Canggu area of Southern Bali, which has seen an explosion of hip new cafes, bars and restaurants. You can fill up on a variety of healthy foods, including vegan dishes, and enjoy great coffee or nutritious juices and smoothies. For a dinner that includes front-row seats to a classic Balinese sunset, try the quirky La Laguna restaurant.

Plus, supermarkets selling a range of Western products are easily accessible, meaning expats will never feel too far from home.

Keep the kids entertained for hours while you relax at Finns Recreation Club; one of Bali’s most famous sports and leisure complexes. The world-class facility is home to a waterpark, kids club, tenpin bowling alley, tennis centre, trampoline centre, fitness centre and spa, along with many spots to eat and drink.


3. Brawa has a thriving expat community

Canggu, including Brawa, is home to one of the island’s largest communities of expats, benefiting both parents and children. A large number of families meet and have fun together at Finns Recreation Club, and when the kids are at school, you can meet other expats and enjoy the area’s cafe culture in one of the many trendy cafes and restaurants that have sprung up in recent years.

The area offers almost every possible style of accommodation you could desire and a range of rental options from monthly rentals to <a href=““>longer term rentals</a>, giving expats all the flexibility they need to set up home in a way that best suits their needs.


4. One of the best international schools in Bali is located here

Canggu Community School (CCS) is one of Bali’s most renowned international schools. Accepting students aged 3 – 18, the school follows the National Curriculum of England and Wales for Key Stages 1 and 2 and offers the IGCSE and IBDP qualifications for children aged 16-19. CCS states that its aim is to have all of its students develop as confident, socially engaged and globally responsible citizens who achieve their full potential as life-long learners.

CSS also offers an extensive program of after school activities, including arts and cultural activities, which they say reflect both their local setting in Bali and the international nature of the community, as well as sports, science and other activities.

Also in Brawa is Montessori School Bali. The aim of the Montessori approach to teaching is to balance the emotional, physical and intellectual development of children with self-directed learning through a range of activities that are matched to the child’s innate interests.


5. It is ideally situated to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Many people are drawn to Brawa because it is situated conveniently close to the popular stores, bars and restaurants of Seminyak, yet has a much more laid-back atmosphere and does not suffer from the same level of traffic and chaos as its neighbor.

In Brawa, it is still possible to enjoy luxury villas in Bali amongt rice field scenery, rather than the concrete views offered by heavily developed Kuta and Seminyak. Most Brawa family homes are also located within walking distance of the beach, which makes it an ideal location to raise children.


How to find the best selection of Brawa family homes

To view the very best selection of Brawa family homes, give Bali Treasure Properties a call. Our experienced team will discuss your requirements, then guide you through the most appropriate properties to meet your needs. We are passionate about building long-term relationships by providing a personalized, transparent and honest real estate service.


Take a look at our wide choice of family villas in Brawa and let us help you find your ideal family home today!



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