Canggu Villa Sales: To beach or not to beach, that is the question!

posted on : February 12, 2018

Canggu Villa Sales

The property market in Bali has experienced years of exceptional growth. Demand for homes on the island has been running at an all-time high, particularly in the areas of Kuta and Seminyak, thanks to strong tourist numbers.

As these markets have become saturated, so the attention of home owners and savvy investors has turned to neighboring areas, with Canggu high on the list and experiencing a massive increase in demand.

The area itself has undergone a rapid transformation, with trendy new cafes, bars and restaurants opening almost continuously. Facilities and infrastructure, such as internet speeds, are constantly improving. In addition, a considerable choice of leisure facilities, including those available at Finns Recreation Club, has made the area popular with families and one of the largest communities of expats on the island.

Canggu has always been well known among surfers, but now draws a new breed of traveler, the digital nomad. Co-working spaces, such as DoJo at Echo Beach, provide hot desk facilities where people can meet and work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When looking at Canggu villa sales, the location of your new property is rightfully going to be one of the most important things on your mind. One of the key factors in terms of location in Canggu, is whether to buy close to the beach or further inland.

Here, we take a look at the main points to consider when weighing up your options. We will also mention a few other important things to think about, so that buying your new villa is as simple as possible.


Take a look at our large selection of villas for sale in Canggu and let us help you find your new property today.


To beach or not to beach

In the five or so kilometers that makes up the Canggu coastline, there are five different beaches. Starting closest to Seminyak, you will find Berawa beach, then Nelayan Beach, Batu Bolong Beach, Echo Beach and lastly Pererenan Beach. Every beach has its own unique character, and each area is quite different.

When deciding which part of Canggu to purchase your villa, and the all-important question of whether to buy close to the beach, you should consider the following factors:


What is the purpose of your purchase? Are you planning to buy the property as a home for you, or will it serve as an investment property that you buy with the intention of renting out? If you are planning to rent your villa, you should certainly buy closer to the beach & be aware of the fitting IMB. For holiday makers in particular, demand for villas falls as you move further inland, and many will not even consider a villa that is too far inland.

In addition to greater demand, you will also be able to charge higher rental prices on property that is closer to the beach, enabling you to recover your initial investment in a shorter period of time.

If on the other hand you are buying the property for you or your family to live in, you should simply opt for the area that you love the most, whether that be inland amongst the rice fields, or closer to the ocean.


How the area will develop in the future. It may be difficult to predict this with any degree of certainty, but it is likely that development will continue, with Canggu land investment not showing any signs of slowing. This, in turn, may lead to increased traffic in the area and the potential for congestion on roads that lead to the beaches popular with tourists.

Therefore, although you may be able to drive to the beach quickly from certain locations now, it doesn’t mean you will always be able to. This will naturally have an effect on the future rental potential and resale value of the property.


Other things to consider when searching for the right Canggu villa for sale

In addition to location, there are several other important factors to consider when searching for the perfect Canggu villa for sale.


The legalities. The Indonesian legal system can be quite complicated, especially for foreigners, and we would strongly recommend seeking professional legal advice before proceeding with any transactions. Bali Treasure Properties are able to connect you with reputable legal contacts to ensure a smooth purchase.


Is purchasing the right way to go? Depending on your motives for looking at Canggu villa sales, you may also want to consider the option of a long term rental. Renting a property rather than buying allows you to enjoy the benefits of living in Canggu, whilst retaining flexibility and avoiding going through the legal process which comes with purchasing a property.


Where to find the best selection of Canggu villa sales

At Bali Treasure Properties, we have a wide selection of Canggu villa sales. Our expert team will discuss your requirements with you in order to recommend the most suitable properties available, making your search as easy and efficient as possible. We are experienced in working with you through the whole process and can recommend experienced, reputable legal advisors to guide you.

Our philosophy is based on providing a high-quality, personalized service, and we are passionate about building a long-term relationship with each of our clients.


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