How to Make your Bali Villa Safe for Kids

posted on : December 3, 2019

Bali Treasure Properties

Having your heart set on moving your family to Bali is easy, but the planning and the preparation are critical in ensuring that your new tropical lifestyle is as safe and secure as it is unforgettable.

Skipping the typical closed-living home and opting for a modern, more open spaced villa that allows you to immerse yourself in tropical living is the ideal way to experience this new lifestyle with all of the comforts and luxuries of a resort.

But how do you know that your chosen villa is safe for your family? How do you make sure that your space is secure for kids? Bali Treasure Properties has some tips to help you narrow your search.


Here are 6 things you can do to make your villa safe for kids:


  1. The Perfect Pool

When considering a villa rental that suits your family, the biggest concern is inarguably the pool. Essential to the tropical experience, the pool is an integral part of how you spend your balmy afternoons! But with kids in mind, extra precautions should be taken. It’s a good idea to arrange a pool fence, so choosing a fence-friendly pool shape is a good first step. Next, consider the depth. Does it have a spacious shallow end? Is there a separate shallow kiddy pool? Lastly, while infinity features in a pool create a gorgeous look, keep in mind that this feature does not have a barrier.


  1. Open or Closed Living?

In order to take in those sunny days, most villas feature an open living plan — allowing living spaces to open up to each other and the outside garden—without walls. While this is usually a relaxing way to experience home life, it is important to consider how little your little ones are. Are they keen on exploring their surroundings? Sometimes, a closed living space helps keep small children from wandering outside and within eye sight.


  1. Sleeping Spaces

Often overlooked, the children’s bedroom is an important consideration. Some villas have detached living spaces, you wouldn’t want to choose such if you’d like them to sleep closer to you. You may even consider bedrooms that connect. Also, check if the beds are appropriate and child size. Sleeping in an oversized bed is often uncomfortable for children! Many villas feature children bedrooms that feature bunkbeds.


  1. What’s the layout like?

You should also consider the overall layout! In addition to open or closed living spaces, think about where the pool is physically located. The further away from common living spaces the easier it is to keep an eye on wandering littles. Are there any extra water features, such as a fountain or a pond, that might entice an adventurous swimmer? How about levels, indoor and out. While pleasing to the eye, levels and steps can be a hazard to all, both young and old.


  1. Location, Location, Location

These three words ring true for almost everything: Location, location, location. Is your villa situated near a supermarket? Is there a beach nearby where the family can stretch their legs? How about family friendly cafes and restaurants? Areas like Seminyak, Kerobokan and Canggu are excellent places with many amenities nearby.


The best kind of villa for your family is the safe kind, one that provides security and comfort allowing for peace of mind. Sure, there are several factors to look into when searching for the right villa to suit your youngsters but it isn’t as daunting as it may seem when you let Bali Treasure Properties do the search for you.



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