What is an IMB Building Permit?

posted on : September 12, 2017


As you already read our last week’s post on Buying Property in Bali, you are perfectly prepared to top up that knowledge with the next confusing thing in Indonesia’s property market – IMB permits – or building permits, to make it more understandable.

Talking about that the first question would be:

What is an IMB Permit?

As mentioned before, an IMB is a building permit or a permit to establish a building. It serves as your building’s registration document and specifies the purpose of it – Basically grouped in residential/commercial purposes.

After the Land Certificate, the IMB is probably the most important document regarding properties in Indonesia specially when planning to build on the land.

Villas or shops that are already built SHOULD HAVE an IMB already. If they don’t have it it’s better to take your hands of that property, as there surely will be a lot of legal problems coming for you. (Note: All of our listed villas have an IMB provided)

How to obtain an IMB?

If you are going to build your own property after you leased or bought land, you need to apply for an IMB in your planning process. In theory to start building before obtaining an IMB is illegal, so apply for your IMB BEFORE starting to build to avoid penalties.

Permits are issued by the Dinas Cipta Karya or Dinas Tata Ruang Kota dan Pemukiman, which means the Department of Town Planning and Settlements. With the IMB certificate comes a metal plate which should be attached at the front of your building. The price for the IMB is variable and depends on many factors like location, building size and so on.

To apply you will need the following documents (can vary depending on your location):

  • Land certificate including the relevant survey plan
  • Ijin Kavling (permit to subdivide) if one is needed
  • Correct land zoning (Commercial/Residential) for the building that is planned
  • Drawings of the buildings that comply with local building regulations (f.e. your building cannot be higher than a palm tree)
  • Structural and services drawings to make sure that the buildings have been properly designed and specified
  • Signed permission from all owners of directly neighboring properties

Additional tip: If you don’t speak fluent Bahasa it will be advantageous to bring a trustworthy Indonesian friend with you.

If you have any more questions and concerns about this issue, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below or contact us. We are always happy to help!


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