Kid-Friendly Activities in Bali

posted on : February 7, 2019

kid-friendly activities in Bali

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Being one of the most popular island destinations in Indonesia, Bali has also become a preferred location for expats. It is understandable; who would not want to work while surrounded with picturesque views, sandy beaches and scenic coastlines? And although silence and solitude are greatly enjoyed while working, weekends and holidays are undoubtedly best spent with family, especially kids.

As many of us know, Bali is known for its exotic temples and palaces along with lively night scenes and exciting food choices. Interesting as they may sound, these are not kid-friendly. No need to worry though; Bali also caters to different activities that kids will truly enjoy.

Activities for kids of all ages range from splashing water fun, educational and cultural events, and exciting safaris and parks. Below are some of them.

Learn how to surf

Bali has many surf spots that are not only exclusive for adults to enjoy. Kids can have the ocean as their classroom and attend surf lessons. Surf schools, such as Bali Local Surf School offer courses for you and your kids’ fun and enjoyment while learning ocean safety, balancing on the board, and riding the wave. Take advantage of their Canggu free pick-up for maximum convenience as Bali Treasure Properties offers beautiful villas within Canggu.


Explore Bali’s Flora and Fauna

Discover more than 1,000 birds representing more than 250 species in an aviary at Bali Bird Park. While there, kids may also enjoy activities such as Pelican feeding, bird encounter or a free-flight bird show to name a few. After meeting the fauna, Bali Orchid Garden is a great place to meet the flora. Kids and adults alike can relax in this tropical garden that is home to different plants that are native to Indonesia and abroad. These two attractions are conveniently located in Bali and can be reached within less than an hour drive from villas around Canggu area.


Attend a Cooking Class

Kids are never too young to learn how to cook. Enroll your kids on a fun and educational experience with Kids Kitchen, one of the many activities that they can enjoy while at Cubby House Kids Club. With them being naturally curious, this is one form of art that can hone your kids’ creativity, imagination and skills. Whether you are renting or staying at villas within the Canggu and Brawa beaches, this kids’ facility is within close proximity.


Go Museum Hopping

If you are in the mood to take a break from modern and contemporary vibes of villas offered by Bali Treasure Properties, consider discovering art and history with your kids by going on a museum tour around Bali. Being a city rich in culture, this activity is the best way to learn and understand them. There are different museums catering to different displays and collections; from paintings and sculptures, historical artifacts, relics to high-value statues that may also inspire the design of your future homes. Some of the best ones to visit are Agung Rai Museum of Art, Bajra Sandhi, Bali Museum, Le Mayeur, Neka Art Museum, Rudana and Setia Darma.


Visit the Trick-Eye Museum

Seminyak does not only boast modern architectural designs and comprehensive facilities for your villas, there are also activities nearby that your kids will truly enjoy. For a more contemporary and unique kind of museum experience, take your kids to Dream Museum Zone (DMZ). It houses six exhibitions with more than 120 artworks that will surely capture every kid’s attention and will be found entertaining. Trick-art creates an illusion where two-dimensional images appear three-dimensional and look almost real.


Have Fun In The Sun

Being just 8 degrees south of the equator, you may expect fairly even climate year round in Bali. There are many beach clubs that you can visit with the family where you, especially kids, can enjoy swimming, playing in the sand, and everything in between. Ku De Ta at Seminyak is one of the preferred weekend destinations as they bring out bouncy castles, crafts and free entertainment. Finns Beach Club at Canggu is also a great option; enjoy their 30 meter infinity pool, gelato kiosk and sports facilities. Reach these amazing places within minutes from the comfort of your family villa in Brawa, Bali.


Fun Time at the Playground

Bali Treasure Properties offers family friendly and child-proof villas for your kids’ safety and comfort. From time to time, it’s also great to take the kids out and let them enjoy playtime with other kids. Bali does not have a lot of outdoor playgrounds but it makes up for it through indoor play areas. Keep the kids busy for hours as they run off energy from bouncy castles, slides, obstacle courses, swings and more. Popular play areas are Anak Atelier, Miniapolis, Peek A Boo and Bali Fun World.


Go on a Safari

Take your kids on a fun day out to Bali Safari and Marine Park. This is one of the island’s largest and most visited animal theme parks where kids and adults can hop on a bus to visit animals, watch elephant talent shows, cuddle with baby orangutans, and view baby sharks at the aquarium. Aside from these, the park also showcases 80 species and around 400 specimens from hippos, zebras, camels, to white tigers.


Water Park Fun

While you can rent or buy a villa with your own swimming pool, there are more attractions in a water park that your kids will surely enjoy. Some of which are large swimming pools, water slides and lazy rivers. With Bali being home to three major water parks, kids will not run out of activities to love while on water. Not only for fun, these facilities are also designed to make sure kids are safe and secured, just like your home.


If all else fails, whether it’s raining or the weather is too hot, kids can play inside the security of your home as Bali Treasure Properties offer family homes with enclosed living rooms, as well as private pools and outdoor living areas. There would never be a dull moment for your kids as they enjoy these activities in Bali. With all these fun things to do, you might wish that you are a kid again.


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