Living in Bali as an expat

posted on : April 24, 2018

living in bali as an expat

It has been thirty-nine days since I left home and sought the odd comfort of the unknown.

My first stop was Canggu, Bali, a small beach town notorious for surfer vibes, good food and a thriving expat community.

My plan was simple.

Step One: Find a villa

Step Two: Work from The Dojo

Step Three: Adventure on the weekends

In thirty-nine days, I have crumpled this plan up, thrown it out the window and fully embraced the real Bali lifestyle.


Here’s what you need to know about living as an expat in Bali.


Home is where your people are.


To make Bali feel like home, you’re going to need a group of friends and fellow expats around you. The best places to meet these expats are in cafes, community meet ups, Finn’s Recreation Club or the Genius Cafe in Sanur. Since Bali is especially popular among online workers, there is almost always somebody in the beach clubs or a popular cafe spot working from their computer. I easily created a group of expat friends just by talking to the person working next to me. Most of these expats are always willing to talk with another person who knows the digital nomad lifestyle and to meet up for work sessions.

Sometimes, the hype isn’t worth it.

I’m going to tread lightly here as I’ve never worked or been a member of The Dojo. I was motivated to work from The Dojo in hopes of meeting other expats and creating a new friendship circle with online workers. The first person I met in my hostel was another expat who I worked and adventured with everyday for three weeks afterwards. The second expat I met through a Facebook group. The third expat I met at a cafe. Through these three people, I’ve met several other expats. I learned quickly that I didn’t need an expensive co-working space to meet other remote workers. Almost every cafe I walk into has at least one person working from their computer, happy to talk with another online worker. I haven’t thought twice about getting a Dojo membership as I can spend the same amount of money on a coffee and an epic breakfast, use the cafe’s wifi and meet just as many like minded people.

There is no such thing as the weekends, this is island time!

My adventures aren’t perfectly calculated. My work schedule isn’t set in stone. I work when I need to, adventure when I want to and rest when I need. My adventures happen on random days of the week. I usually adventure out to a temple or rice field and then somehow find my way to another popular landmark on the way home because, why not? There is no such thing as a Monday-Friday schedule, unless you want one. Everyday is whatever you need it to be, whether than means you work, adventure or relax by the beach.

Living in Bali has taught me that there is no need to plan.


The Bali lifestyle is a day by day life, where you do what needs to be done that day. There is no need for luxury, a set working spot or weekends. You meet the best people in hostels, you meet all of the expats at popular Bali cafes and your weekend is whenever you want it to be.

This has been thirty days of fulfilling experiences with beautiful people from all around the world. And it has all happened because I forewent my plan and embraced what expert Bali residents have.

A relaxed, present and day by day life.

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