Finding Pererenan Commercial Land for Sale

posted on : August 15, 2017

Pererenan Commercial Land for Sale

Finding villas available for rent or sale in Bali is not that difficult; if you’ve traveled to Bali anytime in the past decade, you’ve noticed how many new developments have sprung up across the en-tire island. What can be a little trickier to find is land for sale, particularly if you are not a Balinese native.

So how do you find a good land plot for sale on the island? Let’s look into the scenario of search-ing for Pererenan commercial land, so you can see just how easy it can be to exactly find what you are looking for.

Bali Treasure Properties’ website is the easiest and quickest tool to find the land plot you are looking for, whether you want to build the villa of your dreams for you and your family or develop for commercial purposes


Inquire about available properties or land for sale today and get your tailored options by our land specialist.


How to find Pererenan freehold land

The best way to get an idea of how Bali Treasure Properties works is to take a look at an exam-ple of searching for Pererenan freehold land for sale on our site. But first, what is freehold and leasehold sale?

Freehold land ownership means that you will fully own that land in your name once purchased, including anything that is built on it. In comparison, leasehold means that you will be leasing land for a certain period of time with the right to build on it.

Notice that freehold is legally only to be owned by Indonesian nationals. Also structures that rely on a nominee are strictly forbidden and not recommended. The leasehold structure however is the most popular ownership structure expats are aiming for. (Read more about ownership titles in Indonesia here.)

This can be problematic for some, as many decisions regarding building on the land may need to go through the actual land owner. Once the lease is up, the ownership of the land will revert back to the true land owner, but mostly the period of the lease is extendable after renegotiation.

So now after clearing that up, let’s take a stab at searching for land in Pererenan!

The first things you will be asked by any Bali Treasure Properties employee – and which you also ask yourself – includes the following:

  • What is your overall budget?
  • What are you wanting to develop on the land? Do you want to develop for a commercial or residential purpose?
  • Which area and atmosphere do you prefer?
  • How large should your land plot be?


Once you have figured out these questions, the job of Bali Treasure Properties will be a lot simpler. Let’s take a more detailed look:


What is your budget?

Determining your budget is key to only viewing properties within your price range. Bali Treasure Properties’ website has a filter option for viewing properties listed highest to lowest, lowest to highest or sorting in terms of most recently uploaded.

Know what you are willing to pay on a property before you go into your search to simplify the process for everyone.


What are you wanting to develop on the land?

This will particularly help us to find the ideal property for you. Some plots of land are better suited for certain development than others. For example, your real estate agent will be able to tell you if you cannot develop a resort on the land you’re looking to purchase, or if the location of the prop-erty is better suited in another location. Also keep in mind that land zoning in Bali determines the IMB and therefore the purpose of the building (commercial or residential).

Depending on what you’re wanting to develop, your agent may direct you toward land for sale in Canggu, which is further from the hustle of Seminyak, still cheaper to purchase but is the rising star in the tourism industry in Bali.

Try to determine as many details on the property you will develop on the land before you begin the search.


What kind of area and view do you prefer?

You came to Bali with a vision in mind. Make sure that vision is manifested in definite prefer-ences to find the right the land plot.

What is the view and vibe you are aiming for? Either you are searching for a chilled rice paddy view, the vibrant atmosphere of the ocean or the tropical life in the jungle – let us know upfront and we will do our best to find the land you are dreaming of.

So if you want to develop a holiday rental villa in the middle of lush rice fields and away from the hustle and bustle of the busy places of Bali, Pererenan commercial land is the best choice for you.


How about the size of your land plot?

This largely depends on your budget and what you are hoping to build on the land.

However, many people choose to build small villas on large plots so that they can still have their own view of the jungle, or to add a large garden and pool area. Be clear about this detail so you are ultimately happy with your end result.


Once you decided and search for Pererenan land sales specifically…

…we are dedicated to not only showing you the highest quality plots of land for sale in this area, but we are also serious about providing you with customer service that exceeds your expecta-tions by far. Because finding fitting Pererenan land sales for you is just the first step!

Expect the professional team of Bali Treasure Properties employees to be with you every step of the way, helping you to get a price for your land which is fair and affordable for you. The team is both honest and transparent in their entire land sale process. We will also assist you in the whole legal process and guide you all the way through purchasing your dream plot.

We are not just a team of real estate agents, but a group of professionals helping you feel as satisfied as possible with the outcome of your land purchase in Bali .

In your search for Pererenan commercial land, Bali long-term leases or villa sales in Bali, trust Bali Treasure Properties to be your professional and honest partner to guide you through the en-tire process until you are happily settled.

It will be the easiest decision you make, next to deciding to set down roots in beautiful Bali!


Contact Bali Treasure Properties via email or phone to get started viewing properties or land for sale today.



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