Planning the Perfect Move to Bali

posted on : October 4, 2017

Move to Bali

If you’ve already read our post on ’10 things to consider when you want to move to Bali’  and you are actually set to go, then perhaps it is time to think about what such a move will entail. When you have the right information, you can feel much more confident about making the move and ensuring that everything goes smoothly from start to finish.

Indonesia is a country that is often overlooked by expats or retirees in search of a new country to call home. It is, however, a great place to live and one that should be moved to the top of your new country list. For instance, the people of Indonesia are very friendly. You will feel at home quickly and will be able to hold lively conversations with those you meet.

The cost of living is relatively low when compared to the cost of living in the U.S. and an expat or retiree can live comfortably for a fraction of what they would have to pay in the United States. For example; utilities can be as much as three times lower and rental rates can be expected to cost more than four times less than the average U.S. rent would be for a home with the same square footage and amenities. Those who work remotely from home will enjoy knowing that internet pricing usually runs around $25 USD monthly and service is usually reliable, especially if you live in the city.


Plan a Visit to House Hunt

Before you book a one-way flight and take off to move, it’s best to try to plan a short vacation and take the necessary time to check out different areas to see which will suit your lifestyle best. Areas like Bali are often well sought by retires and expats because there are not only stunning villas for long term rental, but also numerous things to do for fun and relaxation.

With a reputable real estate agent, you can look at multiple properties that would otherwise be impossible to find on your own. While villa rentals are always available, there are also many leasehold villas for sale in Bali and buying a home may be a great way to save money while planting your roots in this great country.


Have a Little Fun

Besides finding a home in Indonesia, you’re going to also want to know where you can go to have a little fun. After all, why move to a new country only to stay copped up inside your home all day and night? Indonesia has so many great things to do that it would be nearly impossible to take advantage of all of them even in a lifetime.

First, be sure to take some time to check out the local beaches. Kuta Beach is a popular area for surfers as well as families who like to have fun in the sun. Lovina Beach, Dream Beach and Sanur Beach are also among the most popular for sunbathing as well as parasailing, snorkeling, deep sea fishing and other water fun.

Hiking to check out the spectacular mountains including Mount Batur or Mount Agung is something that many tourists enjoy. You will have plenty of opportunity to capture some beautiful scenes with your camera. It’s also a fun thing to do when you want to hike for a while and find an area to sit and relax in nature or have a little picnic with friends or family.

Of course, you must take time to visit the local temples, try the Indonesian cuisine and best of all, take a shopping trip. The local markets are open every day and you can find anything from small trinkets and souvenirs to send back to your family or friends to clothing and shoes and even household goods, cosmetics and much more.


Jumping the Pond

Once you have worked with a real estate agent and found the perfect home to live in once you move, it’s time to contact the Embassy of Indonesia and apply for your visa. The Embassy will be able to instruct you on the right visa for your stay.

Once this has been handled, you can book your flight and take that puddle jump to your new home in Indonesia. You may be wondering if you can bring your personal belongings with you. You can bring household goods, but you will want to take some time to consider what, and how many items you will bring along. It can be a little expensive to ship items overseas to Indonesia, so careful planning will be necessary.

Before packing up a container, sort through everything and determine whether you really need everything or if you have items to donate or give away to family. Downsizing when moving overseas is important as you don’t want to pay to ship something that will never be used. Hiring a good international mover will be a great way to have help downsizing and hauling away items as well as getting help with packing and shipping when it is time to move.



Many people consider bringing their car or motorbike along for the move. This is something that may not be easy to do as Indonesia has very strict vehicle import laws in place. Currently, only diplomats may import a car and it must be a new car. It is very rare to find a used car allowed to enter the country and if one is, it is usually because it holds classic status and the diplomat has gone through extensive inquiry with someone high up in the government to be able to bring it along. Duty fees on imports run at around 300% on the overall vehicle value. To find more information on importing a vehicle to Indonesia, you can check out this link for quotes and other necessary information. If you choose to leave your vehicle behind, be sure to find a safe auto storage business so it will remain secure until you return to drive it again.

Be prepared for everything that will have to be done to make your move a success. When working with professionals in the field, it can go much smoother and you will be able to enjoy Indonesia and all that comes from being a resident within this beautiful country.


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