Jaime Morris

June, 2023
I had the pleasure of working with Alex and his team at Bali treasure properties. Him and his team go above and beyond to give you the best service and useful information regarding the market, property, returns and locations. I could not be happier with the service and highly recommend meeting them in person. Exceptional.

Gerard Oak

December 2022
Kadek from BTP is a pleasure to deal with. I have rented 4 properties over 5 years through Kadek and found her on each occasion to be thoroughly professional, attentive, punctual, articulate and extremely well-informed when it comes to the real estate market in Bali. Thanks Kadek and BTP!

Marta Fernandez Bellette

August, 2021

We have used Bali Treasure Properties two times, one for monthly rental and the other one for selling our villa and we highly recommend them. They are very professional and are attentive to all the details. Tom has helped us at all times and has made the whole process much easier. A good option if you want help to settle in Bali.

Ussy Khetsia

Mar 10, 2021

Dear Bali Treasure Properties, Thank you so much for your agent Help with our Villa in Sanur. Lufi been the best agent so far I met since I started investing in Bali. Easy going and so helpful that makes all the processes going so smoothly. Thank goodness I keep using Bali Treasure Properties that have a lot of Good Agents. Regards Khetsia “ Ussy “ Finlay

Kevin Walsh

Mar 9, 2021

Excellent service, had lots of choice and Lufi was very helpful in helping us find and secure our villa

Nicole Schneiter Robert

Mar 3, 2021

My experience with Bali Treasure Properties and particularly with Lufi was awesome. Lufi is simply said : extraordinary. From the first visit of my property until the deal was done, Lufi managed everything in a highly professional way. She gave always quick and accurate answers, worked tirelessly to deliver the document on time though the client gave little time until his move. Nothing is left to hazards, the inventory is so professionnal. Non to say that Lufi handled this stressfull situation in a very positive way, always calm, efficient and focused. Even at the end, once the deal was concluded and the guest already moved in, she ensured everything was fine on both side. Thanks to her for this great experience. No doubt I will contact Lufi again, should I need to rent other properties.

renat ong

Feb 3, 2021

(Translated by Google) Villa rental and comfortable place. Fast, friendly service and detailed explanations. thank you

Kinggali1 Kinggali1

Jul 15, 2020

Excellent response. Very professional staff that is highly motivated to help and give advice.

Paul Gibson

May 13, 2020

My experience with Bali Treasure Properties was simply an extraordinary experience. Lufi was simply amazing. Lufi has personality, great efficiency and direct with her negotiation skills. Lufi is Indonesian but also speaks excellent English and has good understanding of the English language. I entered into renting my Villa for a period of 2 years. The actual processing of the Lease Contract was very complicated and a long process of 2 months. Very stressful for BTP , especially Lufi and her immediate Supervisor. My full appreciation to Lufi, for her skills in being the ” Meat in the Sandwich ” in handling the protracted and stresses caused by the person Financing the Lease Agreement. . I came close to cancelling the Contract, on at least 2 occassions. Lufi was very Masterful in calming me down. And allowing the delayed Contract to finalise. Truly, I give my thanks to Lufi, for finalising the deal. As well, I also appreciate the support that Lufi received from her Supervisor. I am delighted to Recommend BTP Bali Treasure Properties to anyone, Selling , Renting a property. Regards Paul Gibson

Susana Moretto

Feb 8, 2020

Buying a property in Bali can be quite complex. Tom from Treasure Properties has been a great help since the beginning, understanding perfectly what we were looking for, and all along all the steps of the process, with quick and spot on replies to all our doubts and questions, easy communication, and high standard professionalism, until the villa hand over and getting all legal documents. Highly recommneded!

Rudolf Hajek

Dec 20, 2019

we have been very happy and successful choosing Bali Treasure Properties for listing and selling our property. Absolutely reliable , professional, and personalized service – highly recommend.

Jamie Miller

Nov 24, 2019

We highly recommend Tom Kucher of Bali Treasure Properties for buying and selling property in Bali, for the following reasons: • Tom treats both buyer and seller parties with equal respect and support, keeping the sales process moving forward in an amicable and timely manner. • He is also a good listener, communicating well with all parties involved, including the notaries. • In addition, Tom deals with all matters in a calm, professional and methodical manner, inspiring confidence in all parties concerned. Thanks for your outstanding service, Tom! Best regards, Jamie & Sri Miller

Steve N.

Nov 21, 2019

Dealing with Tom Kucher from Bali Treasure Properties was just amazing and straight forward. We were looking to buy a villa and Tom was always helpful and patient during the entire search and viewing process. He was there 24/7 in order to help finding us the right place. We found a great villa in Brawa and Tom gave us all information regarding legal requirements and went with us through the sales process step by step. This was definitely the best service we could expect. We would certainly recommend Tom for any villa purchase. Thanks a lot!

Association HIPPOCAMPE

Oct 18, 2019

It was in May 2019 that I made my decision to leave New Caledonia and settle in Bali but did not know anything about the procedure to follow for this change of residence. So I decided to make several passages on this island to better understand the difficulties. I admit I was quickly quite worried, because assaulted by many professionals, semi professionals not see professionals at all, but also a little disappointed by the multitude of proposals, the majority of which corresponded very little to my wishes.To avoid To lose my time, I have proceeded by progressive elimination and I must admit that this is how Bali Treasure Property is, by the quality of its service, become my main interlocutor. But why? I will give only a few examples: -An offer always perfectly focused on my wishes, and despite that they have continued to evolve. – a permanent advice corresponding to my expectations especially in the field of local regulations. -A professional accompaniment, seeking to preserve my interests, in the negotiations but also in the long procedure leading to the purchase of my villa. But this satisfaction of having used the services of Bali Treasure Property only makes sense through a name, that of TOM KUCHER, who has always been my sole interlocutor, but especially the person to whom I could trust. To finish, I would like to add that I appreciate the fact that I can still count on Tom’s advice. Philippe ….. young pensioner …(Google translated from French)

Unna Chokkalingam

Oct 17, 2019

Thanks to Kadek at Bali Treasure Properties for understanding and helping our family find the perfect villa for our needs, and then making all the arrangements for the contract and moving in. Kadek was very professional, courteous and persistent in her follow throughs. We recommend Bali Treasure Properties without reservation as a high-quality professional rental agency.

Suzana Chandra

Oct 16, 2019

Bali Treasure Properties has been handling my rental properties for few years now. Frieder has been an excellent agent and sensible business owner. And then came along Alex dan the last one is Cecilia. Love dealing with them, for their professionalism and also for clientele they are bringing. I am actually amazed how quick Cecilia and Bali Treasure found tenants for the properties. It shows that she really knows what she is doing. Kudos guys

Ole Kristian Birkeland

Oct 13, 2019

We have used Bali Treasure Properties to rent several properties in Bali and our experience has always been very positive. They have been able to find beautiful properties in the right locations for a competitive price. Communication is always great and timely. I recommend them if you are looking for a long-term rental in Bali.

phil goodbarne

Aug 27, 2019

From initial contact to end sale and even for after sale experience I cannot fault this company , with special mention to Tom kucher , what a natural honest , non pushy , knowledgeable most helpful person this guy is , nothing was too much From the Uk buying in Bali the process was as simple as Can be , i could go on and on but really pleased to be able to recommend and refer Tom And his company If you would Like to do so , Please contact me personally through Tom Tom sold us a villa through ilot properties , who are the real deal , ilot buy land, build sell and lease and manage , a perfect partnership fancy your perfect villa in Bali , go to Tom and ilot , properties , I did with absolutely zero regret,s


Aug 26, 2019

I sold my property in Bali through Bali Treasure Properties They are very serious and responsive and I highly recommend Tom who is always available and very aware of the specific bali market for villas (rental and sales)

Matthew Saul

Aug 24, 2019

Very efficient and proactive, excellent attention to detail on handover also once you have found your property!

Rafi Papazian

Jul 27, 2019

Bought and sell a land with Dian and Ayu. Both did great work, very efficient and pro. Great communication too.

Margriet van Sleen

Jul 16, 2019

We are the happy owners of a villa on Bali! After several months searched for the right contacts. We finally came in contact with Bali Treasure Properties. Tom Kucher was our contact within Bali Treasure Properties. And with his professional guidance we found the perfect villa for us. It was a pleasure to work with Tom, starting with the visiting of the selected villas, until the finalizing of the formal hand-over! We personally recommend Bali Treasure Properties as a very professional company, and in particular the services of Tom Kucher. Job very well done! Thanks!

Etienne Buysse

Jun 20, 2019

Alex is a terrible good agent and he really is available at any moment of the transaction, it was a pleasure collaborating with him and i recommend therefore bali treasure properties and their personal especially alex for the beautiful villa i could buy in leasehold on this wonderful island

Monique Hamilton

Jun 11, 2019

I just wanted to say that dealing with Tom Kucher at Bali Treasure Properties was amazing. He was an absolute gentleman. He went above and beyond his call of duty with the sale of my villa in every way. He made the entire process less stressful and I would highly recommend his services to anyone. Well done Tom. The world needs more people like you. Thank you. ??

Mark Middo

Jun 3, 2019

Great company to work with if you’re looking for a property in Bali. Went above and beyond after we had a property fall through, then they found exactly what we needed in a few days. Highly recommend the team as they are extremely professional and attentive to your needs.


May 16, 2019

Really enjoyed working with Alex from Bali Treasure Properties, who studiously helped us purchase a long leasehold on a villa in Canggu. It was clear to us very quickly that he was organised, transparent and very efficient. We liked how he took us through the pros and cons of the property, took the time to walk us through the contract agreement (well over 2 hours painstakingly explaining each clause!), held our hands with the Notaris and Money Transfers. And his general demeanour and strong communication skills made our lives very easy. Bali Treasure Properties also gave us a gift when we leased our villa – which I thought was a really nice touch. We now have a villa we are renovating and looking forward to spending quality time in for a number of years. Thank you Alex and Bali Treasure Properties!

Pierre Laplace

May 14, 2019

Tom did a great work to manage the sale of our Villa in Brawa. Good promotion, smooth and efficient communication. We also rented the house long term with Bali Treasure and it worked great. Strongly recommend ! Isabelle and Pierre

Phillip Craven

I have rented out my villa a few times with Bali Treasure Properties and always found them very professional, friendly and honest to deal with. Last time Kadek Suartini was our agent she is all of above and speaks very good English which is essential. She even went above and beyond her duties to organize some things for the new tenants. I highly recommend Kadek and Bali Treasure.


Phillip Craven

Katherine Y. Fritz

Apr 23, 2019

We found Bali Treasure Property suddenly, just passing by advertaising board near the office. We left request and in short period they found for us villa, exactly like we requested. We very appreciated their clear and coordinated work, qualified and pleasant team. Kath was always in touch and help to solve any problems. Next time, for sure,will use Bali Treasure Property and will recommend to all friends. We wish you prosperity, thank you very much! Irina and Egor.

Monica Davis

Apr 19, 2019

Excellent service, happy with the service and love the location

Terrence Brockhall

Mar 22, 2019

Seriously … these guys ARE good ! Over 5 years I have dealt with many ” agencies” here in Bali . Most in Bali have driven me to distraction because no matter how many times you provide information to them , data bases are not updated . I have been impressed because of a number of factors … regardless if you are buying land , renting or selling , these guys will not even touch you unless you have all the correct paperwork in place . Example is , they would rather walk away from a “deal” than to embark on a deal which won’t hold up in court . For my peace of mind , I only have to give the details once …. and the whole office knows , meaning I don’t have to repeat myself 4 times over the same information. The Principals are hands on in the business and they are masters in orchestrating goodwill between their staff and their customers where sometimes there might be a disconnect . In my view , there are few agencies that measure up to the standards of Bali Treasure Properties. They are known for their professionalism and they deal with reputable authorities in Bali where you can relax in the knowledge that you won’t be ripped off ! Finally , to the whole team that makes up this company , well done on your training of your staff , well done on your professionalism and better still … well done on your back office team who seem to have their stuff together . Terry

frendi suryadi

Mar 17, 2019

(Translated by Google) Great (Original) Mantap

Kelly Alexander

Mar 16, 2019

I felt a little unsure where to begin to look for a long term rental in Bali, but as soon as I found Bali Treasure Properties, all of my concerns immediately vanished! The staff were incredibly helpful and walked us through every step of the journey. Nothing was too much trouble for them – and they happily always met with us to view rentals or answer questions. We were lucky enough to deal with Katherine who is not only very professional and experienced, but simply a lovely person who we felt very safe and comfortable with. Her communication with us was always fast and helpful and she went above and beyond to ensure our transition and stay was perfect. I highly recommend Bali Treasure Properties – I wouldnt look any further when seeking accommodation or real estate assistance in Bali.

Marnix Beugel

Feb 19, 2019

Alex and Frieder have helped me very well with purchasing a villa for investment purposes. They are very knowledgeable about both the rental as well as the ‘buy’ market, as well as regulations and whatever comes at you in Bali, and are willing to go the extra mile to smoothen every aspect of the deal, in the process introducing me also to several professionals that have been instrumental in making this a success.

Doug McKenzie

Jan 4, 2019

I am delighted to recommend Kadek Suartini of Bali Treasure Properties as the consummate professional property agent. I had advertised my villa for lease through various agencies but the promptness, efficiency, thoroughness and courtesy of Kadek’s response was very impressive, satisfying and successful. She offered good advice on the preparation of my property for lease and maintained close contact through the whole process, leading to a happy conclusion between lessor and excellent lessees. Happily, she still maintains close communication.

Marlene van Altena

Dec 27, 2018

I like to thank the complete staff for their great efforts to rent out the property, from the first start with taking pictures (this already started with dedication and professional equipment) Also the team at the office with Mrs Rianti was very pleasant, with great attention for my personal ideas about renting out my villa. My special thanks for Mrs Cecilia and Mr Alex who are very good Sales Managers and took time, pleasure and good care for all the work between owner and tenant. WIsh you all a great 2019 ! Thanks again for your good work in 2018.

Sharyn Critch

Dec 12, 2018

Our search for a villa in bali started many many months ago with Cecilia from Treasure Properties staying in constant communication with us via email until our arrival in Bali. Once there Cecilia was amazing showing us villas and getting a good understanding of what we were after. Once we decided upon which villa Cecilia was fantastic in her negotiations between us and the owners and supporting both parties to a mutual agreement. Couldn’t have been happier with Treasure Properties and in particular Cecilia. We would like to thank her for her patience, understanding , and communication with us the whole way through the process.

listya marlina

Nov 17, 2018

very professional and handle everything in a good way..the transaction also done very fast, especially for Ayu Mei, she really helpful during this process

James Logan

Nov 16, 2018

10/10 best people to deal with. Frieder and Mei are super professional and hard working

Wandi Marco

Sep 30, 2018

We were looking for a place to stay in Bali and Ms. Kadek Suartini able to understand what we want and help us to get it. Pleasure to deal with her, highly recommended ???

Rio Parasana

Jul 29, 2018

Thank you Bali Treasure Property for helping us finding an exclusive dream villa with best location in Berawa. Special thanks to Tom Kucher and also Alex for the hospitality & their quick response. It was a great deal…danke Tom. Best property agency in Bali.

Joyce Maud

Jul 14, 2018

Cecilia with Bali Treasure Properties exceeded our expectations in every way! She not only found us a beautiful long term rental house, she was well organized, and highly professional. Cecilia followed through on everything in a timely manner and was a pleasure to work with in every way! THANK YOU Cecilia and Bali Treasure Properties for helping us make our move to Bali an amazing experience!

Michel Toutain

The team was just totally professionnal to advertise , advice and to lead the transaction till the end for the sale of my land and also to find customers to rent my villa.

Kylie Hungerford

Jul 2, 2018

I came to Bali wanting to live long term in this beautiful country, I had looked online of where and how I could go about the whole situation. When I seen on Google BALI TREASURE PROPERTIES it caught my eye just stood out from the rest!! ,so I contacted them and made appointment, the next day I met with the Agent at Bali treasure property real-estate and his Name is Balint, A very helpful man that could speak English and understood what I was after, Balint was right onto it that showed me properties that we looked at..well I actually found my Treasure!!! Beautiful villa I now live in that I have leased for 19 years . Bali treasure property real-estate the Agent Balint had took me through every single step of the way through the process of getting my villa ,so helpful and making me feel comfortable with the Notary and signing of the paperwork…. It was a pleasure to have gone through Bali Treasure Properties and I definitely highly recommend to anyone interested in buying or renting a property with them. Great service and wonderful people… Thank you Balint .?

Stephen Ciaraldi

Jun 29, 2018

This last winter, my wife and I rented a villa in Bali for 1 month. After trying to find something acceptable with a few other agents, we gave Bali Treasure Properties a try. Cecilia was our main contact there helping us to find and rent something. She was very, very helpful, professional and certainly exceeded our expectations. Once she understood our needs, she quickly found us a place. She and her company handled all the details including contract and airport / villa transfers. Cecilia checked back with us regularly during our stay to see if all ok and if we needed anything. We are planning another winter escape to Bali this year and will arrange this through Cecilia and Bali Treasure Properties again. We certainly can extend our highest recommendation to others about Cecilia and her company.

Kurniati Kurniati

I am very happy with the service of Bali Treasure Properties. I rent my villas through this property and I’m very satisfied with the work. Thank you especially for Cecilia, she’s professional in her work, very friendly with us and the tenant as well. I really recommend this agency in Bali.

Xenia Schipaanboord

Jun 15, 2018

Thank you Bali treasure properties, for helping us finding our dream home in Bali in no time ! We had the best experience working with them, very professional. Would definitely recommend them if you’re looking for a place in Bali. Many thanks for the great service.

Manex Susaeta

May 16, 2018

Really professional people, helpful and 100% honest
Completely different to other agents , Frieder will always try to accommodate your request accordingly

Enrico Lanza

May 15, 2018

Having a property to rent can give headache, lot of things can go wrong since the very beginning. Most of the job  is on rental agency’s shoulders: find the potential tenant , screening and matching with your properties (not all tenants fit all properties), prepare a clear contract, handover and inventory the property and so on. Unfortunately many agencies only look at their commission fee and not about giving you a service….they forget that both tenants and owners need a good service.
Treasure properties positively impressed me for the way they approach the business. Every single step was done professionally and all the rentals I did through them has  been smooth and successfully. Never had a problem since they look after my properties. Quick, efficient, very clear in what they do, working with them gives me peace of mind as owner. Treasure Properties is now the only one in charge of my rentals and the only one I always introduce to other owners looking for tenants.
A special mention to Cecilia for the passion she puts in her job and for always being there for me and for my tenants.

Thibault Menager

May 15, 2018

We rent our Villa through Bali Treasure Properties and we are very very happy with them especially Cecilia Man . She do a tremendous job to find guest and arrange everything . She is also very good to handle problem that could occur. She is also available even week end and evening . We fully recommend Cecilia and Bali Treasure Properties for those who want to rent their villa on a monthly basis.

Sue Lumby

May 11, 2018

We came to Bali in March 2018 looking to rent a villa in the Canggu area for 12 months possibly longer, as we only had two weeks to find it we had previously contacted 3 real estate agents. All were good but Bali Treasure Properties stood out more than the others.

We had Kadek looking after us, Kadek had done her research and showed us properties that had our list of requirements. Unfortunately after looking at all properties on the list, none were satisfactory, my husband and I hadn’t done enough research ourselves. However, without hesitation and with a list of adjusted requirements, Kardek went back to the office and in two days had another list of properties ready to look at. That day we found the villa we wanted and two months later we have just settled in. We are extremely happy with the villa and the location.
Before we left Bali, Kardek had arranged a meeting with the Manager of the Villa and between the two of them, after we returned to Australia, the paper work was efficiently and quickly dealt with, we couldn’t Fault Kardek or the Property manager. Whatever questions we had, Kardek answered, if Kardek didn’t know she found out. Kardek even did some extra little things for us that we were not really in her job description.

I can Highly recommend Bali Treasure Properties to anyone trying to relocate to Bali.

Alain Eragon

May 11, 2018

Very friendly service from the moment we steped into the office. They have beautiful properties and we finally found what we were looking for. Kadek did everything to convince the owner of the villa that we are the right tenants and we got the villa we wanted. Thanks a million for your efforts. Unfortunately we faced a few issues at the villa, I recommend to inspect the houses in detail here in Indonesia. Some of them look very neat but if you see the details you wil realize that the construction was not well supervised when built. But that has nothing to do with Bali Treasure Properties who did a very good and professional job overall.


May 11, 2018

Kadek Suartini from Bali Treasure Properties was a pleasure to deal with. She helped me in the process of renting a house in Bali and was extremely helpful and responsive all through the process. Highly recommended!

Serge Vantomme & Christophe Vanfleteren

Feb 8, 2018

We just want to express our gratitude. Working with Kadek was an absolute pleasure. A friend refered us to Bali Treasure properties to rent a villa and we just dropped in unannounced. From the very first beginning she asked the right questions and instinctly knew what we wanted. She drafted a first set of villas to view. The next day we met up at the agency. Kadek had a print out of the villas and a map where they were. When we didn’t connect with a villa, she immediately moved on to the next, keeping her friendly smile. 2 days later we found our villa. She went after all the answers we asked her even if it was after office hours. Everything went without a problem. Even the aftercare was handled perfectly. As we were looking for a villa, we worked with a lot of agencies but none of them were as professional Kadek. She knows her profession. We would definitely work with her again when we want to buy a lease in the future. Thank you Kadek for your services.

Serge Vantomme & Christophe Vanfleteren

Jonas Linke

Very professional, extraordinarily service minded and a super business with long time experiences in the market. The people who have been in Indonesia know that great service and high quality is rare to find. The help and almost 24/7 assistance we received here was astonishing and I wish I would have similar contacts back home. BIG THUMBS UP and TERIMA KASIH 🙂

Charley Walton

May 11, 2018

Alex helped us find a short term villa rental. Was generally very responsive and served as a good go-between for us and the owner.

Ron A. Noble & Roxana Noble

Sep 6, 2017

My husband and I would like to take a moment to show our gratitude for the professional service we received from Bali Treasure Property.

Alex was our agent and he went to great lengths to show us a variety of properties. He was incredibly patient, listened to our requests, respected our price range, and was eager to meet all of our requirements. He was very polite and a joy to work with!

I am thrilled to say that in the end, after viewing an array of properties, that we were found a fantastic villa! We are very much looking forward to moving into our new home soon!

Thank you Alex and Bali Treasure for your excellent services, we highly recommend you to anyone looking to find their next home!

M Dou

Very professional

Eva Armero

Jul 14, 2017

Hello, I will like to thank Alex for giving me an amazing treatment. Since the first day we met, he has been very helpful and polite. Thanks to his professionalism I was able to find this beautiful villa in Bali. He made everything very quickly and easy. I highly recommend Alex. Best regards, Eva Armero


Jul 14, 2017

I was seeking a 12 month rental villa in Bali ( around Canggu area) and I met up with Ms Aleksandra Amirova from your company and from day 1, she was simply excellent in advising on the type of villas we may be interested in along with advising on the services near – or not near – each of the properties we inspected. Each time we agreed to meet she was on time and had arranged earlier for each of the villas to be open – for our inspection. Having selected a villa which Ms Aleksandra has showed us, she was very efficient in effecting the negotiations to secure the villa along with the changes requested. Simply put, I cannot recommend Ms Aleksandra Amirova enough, as a competent, efficient and very professional Sales Manager of properties in Bali.

Bernard Laufenberg

Hi, I was seeking a 12 month rental villa in Bali ( around Canggu area) and I met up with Ms Aleksandra Amivrova from your company and from day 1, she was simply excellent in advising on the type of villas we may be interested in along with advising on the services near – or not near – each of the properties we inspected. Each time we agreed to meet she was on time and had arranged earlier for each of the villas to be open – for our inspection. Having selected a villa which Ms Aleksandra has showed us, she was very efficient in effecting the negotiations to secure the villa along with the changes requested. Simply put, I cannot recommend Ms Aleksandra Amivrova enough, as a competent, efficient and very professional Sales Manager of properties in Bali. Bernard L

Brian Leather from South Africa

Jun 12, 2017

Had great service from Alex. He found what we were looking for after showing us a few properties. Very professional service and after having initially tried another company found Bali Treasure Properties a pleasure to deal with.

Ray Thomas from Gold Coast, Australia

Jun 1, 2017

My wife and I came to Bali in January 2017 looking for a Villa to rent for 1 year. Our main concerns were that we were not being taken advantage of. After selecting about four Real Estate companies we found that one stood out above the rest. The agent was named Alex from Bali Treasure Properties and was on time for the pick-up to show us some Villas. Our initial visit to Bali was a fact finding visit to see what was involved to rent a Villa in Bali. Alex was very professional in every way and told us all the information we wanted to know. We went back to Australia to gather our findings. The decision was to proceed with a rental.

I corresponded with Alex whilst in Australia until he had to go away for a while so asked if I would accept the assistance of his colleague, Kadek to assist, I said yes. Well that was a decision I would not regret. I flew back to Bali in March with the intention of renting. Kadek, like Alex, was prompt, polite and very professional. Kadek showed me around several Villas that were ready for rental. I selected a Villa in the Canggu area then had to fly back to Australia.

A contract was drawn up and emailed to me. Signed and sealed, the process was effortless on my part. Kadek did all the negotiating on my behalf. Once settled, my Villa was ready for my occupancy. Kadek also arranged the rental of a scooter for my stay and the installation of a television network.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Kadek and the Bali Treasure Properties as a company to rent from. Their professionalism is beyond exceptional.

Jolene and David from Canada

Nov 30, 2016

We contacted Bali Treasure Properties when we were looking for a 12 month villa rental for our family sabbatical in Canggu. We had initially been looking on our own through social media such as Facebook and personal contacts. We were having no success. It was difficult to organize meetings and the quality of the villas were not the standard we were looking for. We had concerns about villa security, maintenance and staffing. We found individual villa owners could not give us confidence in those issues. Further, paying the entire rental fee for the rental period upfront to a person we did not know was uncomfortable. We realized we did not have the understanding of the Canggu rental market necessary to do this on our own.

On contacting Kadek at Bali Treasure Properties our search immediately became less stressful and more effective. Kadek’s professionalism, organization, market knowledge and efficiency helped us find the right villa for our family in a relatively short time frame. We developed a level of trust in Kadek that helped us move quickly through the process, including negotiation of the contract and through to close.

We highly recommend Bali Treasure Properties. Kadek went beyond what we expected in a villa rental agency. Kadek was helpful in so many aspects beyond rental of the villa including scooter rental, internet set-up and shop recommendations for furnishings.

Thanks so much Kadek for making our villa search a positive one!!

Graeme Dinnen

Nov 17, 2016

We have successfully completed our second 12 month villa rental through Bali Treasure Properties.

To find a villa you want to live in can take time and many viewings. I was slightly concerned that we had left our search too late, yet the time taken from when we started looking at villas until agreement and completion was surprisingly quick. Having rented through Bali Treasure Properties before they seemed to have an understanding of what we wanted.

We did look at other villas through a competitor agency but their selection of villas was generally uninspiring. With Bali Treasure Properties it was a case of which of the villas available we preferred.

The staff at Bali Treasure Properties were extremely helpful and always met us on time. They confidently answered the questions we had about the villas we were visiting and the paperwork we received on the villa we selected was very helpful.

When our rental period is complete here, we’ll either renew our lease for a further 12 months or contact Bali Treasure Properties again.

Lexene Andrews, from Australia

Nov 15, 2016

I traveled to Bali in August for 2 weeks to secure a villa for long term rental, before leaving Australia I had made contact with 3 property agents to show me villas. On arrival one agent had to go on holidays, the other agent did not research properties with my requirements in mind, and the other agent was unable to secure appointments with the owners… so after the first week I had nothing… on the 8th day I found Bali Treasure Properties on the internet and I emailed them, the next day I got an email from Alex Hafil. After finding out what type of villa I was looking for he very quickly organised villas for me to look at. He came to my accommodation and drove me to many villas.
I was very impressed with Alex’s professionalism,  and the service he gave me and at times went above and beyond to assist me.

Needless to say, I signed a contract with Alex.
I would recommend this agent and Bali Treasure Properties. Forget the rest and go directly to them you won’t be disappointed.


Nov 15, 2016

Finding a property in Bali can be a daunting process, but Bali Treasure Properties made the whole process effortless. We were looking to move to a yearly rental after renting monthly. After dealing with several other agencies, I have found Bali Treasure Properties to be the most efficient, professional and organised. They have a great selection of properties which are advertised well on their website with all of the relevant information making it easier to narrow down your search. They are also very prompt and professional with responding to requests and arranging viewings. We dealt with Kadek who understood our needs and was great assistance throughout the whole process from the initial search right through to contract negotiations and even arranging staff and services once we moved into to our new home. I would not hesitate to use Bali Treasure Properties again.

Dan and Claire

Nov 7, 2016

I arrived in Bali from Singapore looking for a long term rental for myself and my family. Time was short as I only had a five-day stay and in that time I had to try and find a villa, and also arrange schooling for my children. In order to do this, I employed several agents to maximize my search and chances. Out of all these agents, it was Bali Treasure Properties that provided the best all round service and subsequently found me the Villa I now live in. They were always the first to respond to questions I had and listened to my search criteria and worked accordingly. Kadek was a great agent, not pushy or out of touch with what I wanted to achieve. I strongly recommend Bali Treasure Properties and they will be my first call if I require further Villa rentals or purchase.

Julian Rix

Oct 3, 2016

I was concerned about renting in a new country but Treasure Properties professionalism and quick response time made the process easy. Their website was an ease to use and they booked the viewing times to suit me. I would not hesitate recommending them to my friends.

Javier and Cecilia from Spain

July 2016

Bali Treasure made it very quick and easy for me to find a home in Bali. They understood exactly what I was after and managed the process with great efficiency. My experience to date with them has been superb and I recommend them if you are looking for your next home.

The service from the very beginning was SUPERB. We have contacted different Villa Service Real Estate Agencies but the one that was more efficient in responding our queries and emails by far was Bali Treasure Properties. From day one Judith was very helpful for me and for my company in order to look for what we need it exactly. Very understanding with our timings, always flexible and extremely patience. We were looking for a very specific style of home, and she was very determine to find it for us, and she did after a few days.

Absolutely recommended, reliable, honest and very flexible and understanding.

Mike Adams from England

June 2016

Bali Treasure Properties made it very quick and easy for me to find a home in Bali. They understood exactly what I was after and managed the process with great efficiency. My experience to date with them has been superb and I recommend them if you are looking for your next home!

Josh from Boston

April 2016

After a few weeks of looking for the long term villa option and having met with a few other agencies, I connected with Judith and the team at Bali Treasure Properties. Starting with our first email exchanges, to the first time I met with the team, I knew this was the group that would help me find my new home. Judith was timely, professional, friendly and always willing to help with any of my questions. From the beginning, I felt that Judith was genuinely interested in helping to find the perfect villa for me, not just looking to move whichever property worked best for the company.

Having had great luck with the team at Bali Treasure Properties, Judith has helped find perfect villas for a handful of my co-workers and we have all remarked at how comfortable and easy she made the transition, never once making it feel like a transaction.

From the first viewing, to the lease signing, to a friendly follow-up after moving in, this has been great rental experience. Thank you, for all your help.

Sasha and Sheila from Sydney

March 2016

Moving to a new country can be a daunting proposition, and one of the biggest concerns is finding new home. Fortunately, Judith made this a simple and enjoyable experience. It’s easy to become jaded when other agents take you to random villas that are not even similar to what you had requested. Fortunately, Judith listening carefully to all our concerns and requirements, and, from the first meeting, we knew we were in safe hands. Judith assisted us to narrow down our search quickly and easily. Soon we had a shortlist of villas that met our needs perfectly. She also assisted us throughout the contract negotiation, and ensured all our concerns were listed to. After we moved in, her team checked we were settling in and were very helpful. We highly recommend Judith and the entire team at Bali Treasure Properties.

Pete and Jill from Perth

September 2015
Some of the main concerns and difficulties in looking for a long term villa rental were;  determining the area to live in that suited our needs, since living here and being a tourist here are very different –  Knowing what facilities are within walking distance (for shopping etc), and also within easy driving distance.  Costs were much higher than expected.  Paying up front for one year is common here and is something that we would have preferred not to do, and 6 months lease might have even encouraged us to book another property earlier.  Many properties listed looked great on face value but didn’t suit a western style living that we were used to.  Almost all agencies do not tell you where a property is listed – they want to show you – this takes time and would be much easier to check on google maps to see what is adjacent – so having an agent like Bali Treasure Properties who understands your needs rather than trying to get you to look at anything is important.
Bali Treasure Properties were very efficient and professional – we looked a lot online and then went through a few other companies before we found Bali Treasure Properties – when searching for “long term villa rentals”, other companies come up higher in the web search and they also cover a wider area, which encouraged us to try them first (esp. since we weren’t sure of what area we wanted to rent in).  However after having a lot of our time wasted with other companies, which also relates to high cost in short term rentals/hotels, we were pleased with the efficiency and also general knowledge and help given.
Yes we would and have already recommended Bali Treasure Properties to a few families from Greenschool we know who have been looking and finding similar difficulties.

Andres from California

September 2015

I’ve had a very pleasant experience using Bali Treasure Properties to help me find Villas in Bali on several occasions. Being a working professional with very little time to be searching for Villas their excellent team has made it very easy for me to find a suitable home on a tight schedule. Judith does a wonderful job in preparing locations that fit my needs and arranging to see the properties. She also makes the contract process and making sure all the details are taken care of seamless. Once everything has been signed, Alex does a fabulous with the move-in process and following up with an issues that need to be taken care. The reason I continue to use BTP is that their service doesn’t end after you move in. They are always available to assist with any issues that arise throughout the rental agreement and have a complete team to help follow-up on specifics that need to be looked into. It’s very reassuring, being an expat, to be working with a team of professionals that are prompt, reliable, knowledgeable and also very easy to work with. I highly recommend  Bali Treasure Properties if you are in search of a rental property in Bali and want the best available service on the island.


Susie from Australia

August 2015

I have no hesitation in recommending Bali Treasure Properties to anyone looking for a long term rental.

I enquired about many properties on several different websites and Balint from BTP was the first to get back to me. We met in his office before starting our search which I think was the key – after talking and going through photos of various villas on their website, Balint had a real understanding of what we were looking for. Over the next 2 days he showed us a dozen properties and none were a waste of time! With three generations all living under the one roof, we were picky with the layout we needed, and Balint showed us many options that met our requirements. We found our ideal villa on Day 2 and our now happily settling in, having signed a 12 month lease.

BTP were extremely professional to deal with, and continued to look after us once the search was over – explaining the contract, organising waste disposal and recycling, finding staff etc.

I have already recommended BTP to other families and will continue to do so.

Kate and Marc from Australia

July 2015

Finding a “homely” villa at a competitive price was our main concern and difficulty when looking for a long term villa rental. So many villas have full outside living space and are poorly furnished that they didn’t feel like a home. Because we work in Bali we wanted to feel really comfortable in our surroundings. This was a big factor in us choosing the villa we did.

Both Judith, Frieder and their Balinese staff were really helpful and above all patient with us. Judith took us to see every villa we enquired about and was really interested in trying to work towards our “criteria”. We finally found our perfect villa and are now into the 2nd year of rental.

I have already recommended the services of Bali treasure properties to other people both in Australia and people I’ve met in Bali. BTP certainly has good quality villas suitable to a working lifestyle in Bali.

Sean and Gemma from the UK

June 2015

Like many others, our search for a long-term villa began online. Having only visited Bali a handful of times we really needed a reliable and helpful company to guide us through the search. We had a list of criteria, not to mention a list of questions.

Judith from Bali Treasure Properties couldn’t have made our move to Bali any easier if she tried! Out of a big list of possibilities, Judith helped us identify properties that matched what we wanted and within 1 day of viewings we had found our new home.

Judith always promptly responded to any of our requests including helping us move with our luggage and sourcing a motorbike at short notice on moving day. Paperwork was professional and clear and the extras including arranging TV, internet, recycling etc was documented and explained clearly.

We can’t recommend the Bali Treasure Properties team highly enough. It’s very reassuring to know that you can trust their services before, during and after relocating. No challenge is too big for this friendly, extremely helpful and effective team.

Chris and Ariel from Melbourne

March 2015

Having spent 7 years in Indonesia, living in various parts of the country, we know only too well that finding a nice and clean property to rent is not difficult at all. What is nearly impossible is to get a property managed by proper professionals with high standards of customer service.

We found our villa through Bali Treasure Properties and let me tell you, look no further! From the first enquiry, throughout our one year stay and up to the last inspection the day we vacated the property, Balint and his crew have been exquisite and a pleasure to deal with. They were attentive, punctual and gave solutions to all sorts of little teething issues with the villa in a rapid fashion.

We absolutely and unconditionally recommend their services to anyone who is looking to temporarily or permanently relocate to Bali and commend them for their effective and efficient service. The team have earned to be our property agent of choice!

Lon from Australia

January 2015

The family was planning a move to Bali in later 2014, we contacted a number of real-estate agents based in Bali but the one’s whom impressed on that first contact was Bali Treasure Properties. The response came promptly, questions were clear and concise and there was consistent follow-up from them – which was a welcome change from us having to chase other agents for information. The team pulled together a list of properties that matched our criteria and were very professional in the process of collecting us and showing us around. We did find a fantastic property through the group and we are very happy with this property. The service did not stop there, the team has been extremely helpful in assisting us in setting up in Bali by providing useful information and good contacts – which was greatly appreciated.  We were so impressed with the service received that we happily recommended Bali Treasure Properties to our friends whom were also in the process of relocation to Bali – they too were successful in finding a property that they are very happy with.

Paula & Simon from Perth, Australia

January 2015
Judith from Bali Treasure Properties was excellent sourcing properties in our budget being mindful of the location as our children are attending Green School and advising on the staffing and other requirements. Our main concern was finding a long term lease in a very short period. We had a long weekend to source see and sign up a lease. We found a great place, well placed for our kids journey to Green school, beautiful views of paddy fields and well maintained.

Our experience was excellent, Judith always answers emails and other correspondence promptly even on the Christmas break and was on time for every viewing.  Judith had sorted out the best route to the properties we viewed and was flexible and accommodating with us when we threw in some curve ball requests to view other properties.  After sales has also been great, Alex has been very helpful with arranging repairs and  maintenance and even sourced a pembantu for us.

I have already recommended Bali  Treasure Properties and will continue to, service excellent selection of villas excellent website interactive and easy to use with great pictures lots of after sales service above and beyond no worries mate "</p

Nicholas & Penelope from Switzerland

November 2014

The most difficult part in searching is the quality of the property, the market for long term is very small, most of the agencies have a very few (quality) properties for long term.

Once you found the villa there is another issue, the day to day operation of the house, the staff, dealing with third parties, linking with the owner. It is very important to have a good agency to support you and help you if something goes wrong or is complicated to deal with, therefore, Bali Treasure Properties was of a tremendous help for us.

We can definitely recommend the services of Bali Treasure Properties. The last time Balint came to see us, he brought us back the 5000 USD security bond of our rental. Why we recommend? Because it is a peace of mind to have someone you can trust and is reliable! priceless here!

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