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Staffing (HK, Pool, Garden, Security, Manager)

staffingTenants in Bali Villas usually enjoy the privilege to employ villa staff for a comfortable stay and to maintain a clean villa condition. A general staff setup consists of a team with a housekeeper, gardener and pool maintenance guy. Many families also hire an additionally security guard, a private driver and if available a villa manager or nanny. The staff is usually directly employed by yourself which means you can adjust working hours to your own needs and arrange salaries and days off directly with the staff members.

Please note that in Badung Regency (where all our villas are located) there is an official minimum monthly salary of IDR 1.905.000 for fulltime employment (5-6 days a week) within the service and tourism sector.

staffing1The housekeeper normally comes to the villa every day, either full time for 8 hours or part time for 4 hours. If this seems a lot to you, you can reduce the hours or days per week. The salary for housekeeping is around IDR 1,200,000 – IDR 1,500,000 for part time and around IDR 2,000,000 for full time employees. For gardening and pool maintenance the staff usually comes 2-3 times per week to the villa. The salary depends on the size of the pool or the garden but is usually around IDR 500.000 – IDR 700.000 each per month.

If you stay in a more remote property, you may choose to hire also a security guard. You have the options for 24 hour security or merely night security. 24 hours security would require at least 3 security guards working in shifts with a salary of about IDR 1,800,000 per person per month. Night security starts usually at 8 pm until 5 am and is guarded by usually only one person. Costs for night security are around IDR 1,800,000 – IDR 2,200,000 per month.

staffing private driverFor those who need to travel a lot within Bali, a private driver comes in handy. They drop and pick-up the kids from school and are available for you throughout the day to bring you from A-Z. A standard Toyota Avanza car can be rented for about IDR 3.500.000 per month while the salary for full time drivers (without car) are around IDR 2.000.000.


Water supply

water supplyWater in Bali is either supplied over the property’s own deep well or provided by the government based PDAM water supply. Obtaining water through a deep well is free of charge, no extra payments are required. In the dry season after weeks of no rain, the water pressure can be lower than usual, but also be sufficient.

If the villa is supplied by PDAM, payment is based on consumption which will depend on factors such amount of occupants, pool size, amount of bathrooms etc. Costs for PDAM water are usually around IDR 100.000 per month.


electricityElectricity supply in the villas is either based on a credit system or an invoice system payable at the end of the month. The credit system called “Pulsa” requires you to buy electricity vouchers. These can be found in any local supermarket (Indomaret, Alfa Mart, Mini Mart or small shop around the corner). With these vouchers you or your housekeeping maid may top up the electricity credit, similar to mobile credit vouchers based on a prepaid system. This allows you to control and maintain the overview about electricity costs. Most of the newly built villas are equipped with such pulsa credit system for electricity.

Some villas still have the invoice system which is payable at the end of the month. You receive an invoice over the electricity consumption at the end of the month and can pay this either in cash at the PLN office or transfer via your bank account.

Your electricity costs will depend on the usage of air conditioners, kitchen equipment, pool pump and water heaters. Economic usage of air conditioning may halve your electricity bill! A standard 2-3 bedroom villa will approximately consume electricity worth IDR 1.500.000 till 2.500.000 per month.

Internet & Telecommunications

For the most of you a good internet connection in the villa is an important factor, especially if you intend to set up a little home office. Internet connection in Bali is getting better and faster with recent Fiber Optic connections being available in many areas, offered by providers such as CBN, Neuviz or Global Extreme. Most villa owners already have a basic internet connection installed.

Please note that villa owners cannot influence the speed of the internet (even though a quick connection is promised by the provider).

We may help you to upgrade to a better / faster speed capacity if requested which would be on your own cost. Even though connections are improving, the standard in Bali is still much slower than you are probably used to in your home country. Average internet costs per months are around IDR 1.000.000 for a 3 Mbps connection.

Cable TV

Most of the villas already provide Cable TV connection with a setup of the basic packages. There is a huge variety of packages available to choose from such as documentary, sports, movie, music or news packages. Cable TV installation and package upgrades are a smooth a quick process.

cabletvThe monthly costs will obviously depend on the chosen packages, usually starting from about IDR 200.000 per month. Package upgrades and monthly dues would be charged on your cost. The bigger providers on the island are Indovision, Telkomvision or BIG TV.

Community Relations

Community relations are very important in Bali. Every resident is required to contribute to the local community, the so called Banjar which has a big influence on the district in terms of Security and the organization of the daily life within the neighborhood. The Banjar is a Balinese traditional institution with employees from the local area looking after social activities and religious ceremonies. Contributions are usually monetary with about IDR 100.000 to 300.000 per month dependent on the location of the Banjar and the size of your property.

community relationsYou will quickly realize that your Balinese staff will join in many ceremonies throughout the year. It is a matter of respect to grant the Balinese time for their ceremonies which play an important role in their daily life. Also Balinese staff get paid once a year an extra month salary (used mostly for offerings) prior to major ceremonies such as Galungan or Kuningan. Please talk to your staff about it in advance.

Waste disposal

waste disposal2In Bali, you have two options to dispose your waste. The first is through the locally arranged waste pickup usually organized by the Banjar. They charge around IDR 100.000 per month and pick up your waste about 3-4 times per month. Please note that pickup times and days might be very irregular. Unfortunately this service does not comply, as you can widely see, with standard western expectations and illegal dump sites are still common in Bali. For this reason we strongly recommend the second option which is our partner company Eco Bali Recycling.

waste disposalThey promote waste separation and recycling of all your non-organic waste. The price depends on the size of your household and frequency of pickup, however for a standard 3 BR villa with 4 people IDR 1.400.000 yearly. Pickup times are scheduled regularly once per week as standard on a fixed day and you can be sure to support Bali’s environment by avoiding uncontrolled dump sites along the streets. Please note that in some areas you will still be required to pay both, Banjar and Eco Bali even though you are not using the Banjar waste management.

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